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Author Topic:  USB sound not connecting and keeping disconnecting device  (Read 253 times)

Offline Cefdinir71

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I am using a USB headset as a headphone for listening to audio.

After a d-u recently I ran into this problem:

(1) After fresh boot there is no sound via USB headset. I hear nothing when in YT etc. Videos that have sound are not played. Muting sound lets videos play without sound.
(2) I unplug headset USB from computer then reconnect. I can hear slight crackling in headphones of headset and I have sound as normal.
(3) After listening to one video audio track and advancing to another one, sound is gone again.
(4) Unconnecting and reconnecting USB headset brings back USB sound until next change of track.
(5) dmesg show disconnect and reconnect without errors. Issue not seen in dmesg.

This issue does not seem related to specific kernel version, as I can return to older kernel that used to work OK but now has this issue.

Thx for your hints and many regards

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Re: USB sound not connecting and keeping disconnecting device
« Reply #1 on: 2022/10/10, 11:04:59 »
Versuch mal bei Systemeinstellungen->Audio für dein Headset ein anderes Profil.