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Author Topic: [EN] AMD ATI Radeon (resolution)  (Read 3026 times)


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[EN] AMD ATI Radeon (resolution)
« on: 2014/11/25, 05:43:54 »
With both "Paint it Black" and "Indinian Summer" Siduction, I did have resolution issues with the fonts being very small in really every aspect of the distro, however th R600 X-Org  driver fixed that which are listed in synaptic. Just a heads up for anyone who are not aware of the fix.   The distro looks and feels awesome, very fast and light on memory with LXDE. Very impressed. Glad to have a working LXDE desktop along with the others I use. This is undoubtedly the very best LXDE debian distro out there, with the Sid kernel, it is the best Distro. Thanks to the folks at Siduction. zephyr-         VSIDO/Aptosid/Crunchbang/Siduction (my Sidbox)

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Re: AMD ATI Radeon (resolution)
« Reply #1 on: 2014/11/25, 09:04:16 »
Hello zephyr,

AMD graphics is kind of special. The proprietary fglrx driver is a real pain and even the free xserver-xorg-video-radeon driver still needs the firmware-linux-nonfree package which we don't ship on our iso. The usual solution is "Safe GFX-mode" which forces xorg to use the vesa driver. In the installed system you can revert theese changes and switch to radeon or fglrx.

On the other hand the radeon kernel module in recent kernels is becoming excellent after more than six years of development. Even AMD plans to drop its own kernel module and is going to rebase the fglrx driver on the free radeon kernel module. This seems to become an open source success story.

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Re: AMD ATI Radeon (resolution)
« Reply #2 on: 2014/11/25, 19:43:44 »
Thank you Musca, I am quite sure that it is the graphics card Ati-radeon 7770. I also noted this on a Debian 7.7.0 distro, and it corrected it as well. "Paint it Black" noted it boot up as a problem, but "Indian Summer" boots fast into login and wasn't noted as I could detect.  My old card, didn't have the problem, not the distro by any means. I am looking forward to try out the Xorg Fluxbox, but can't find the ISO yet on the download page. I'm impressed with the "full house" of desktop releases. Thanks for the reply and info. zephyr