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Author Topic: [EN] Proposal to personal data  (Read 3857 times)


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[EN] Proposal to personal data
« on: 2012/01/10, 10:44:06 »

i like the privacy options, so that each user can freely define to put a photo, an avatar or nothing. Also no location has to but can be given. That is fine for me.

However as now life came back in the community and the number of members is growing, from my opinion, it would be interesting to see, how siduction spreads over the world.

My proposal is, that each forum member has to give at least his country (the ones who do even not like this for privacy regions, can give antarctis or something).

However we would get an interesting impression, where and how siduction grows.

Just a proposal.

Offline devil

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Proposal to personal data
« Reply #1 on: 2012/01/10, 11:16:07 »
We can establish a google map, where users can add their location.



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Proposal to personal data
« Reply #2 on: 2012/01/10, 13:51:05 »
For me: not too anonymous. Then gugl can record all the nicks related to countries.