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Title: First dist-upgrade after a fresh install of IndianSummer
Post by: musca on 2015/05/22, 14:11:20

the IndianSummer release is now 8 months old and i will give some hints for the first dist-upgrade.

*** please don't dist-upgrade until libstdc++6 transition is over ***

Read the manual (

Known Issues:
so  before the upgrade please do "dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/libdbus-1-3_*.deb ; apt-mark auto libdbus-1-3 " to prevent interruption.

Otherwise you need to solve the interrupted dist-upgrade with "dpkg --configure -a ; apt-get -f install"
see (

General procedure has two phases:

1. Preparation
- Download the needed packages ( apt-get --download-only dist-upgrade )
- Check the latest upgrade warnings in the forum
- KDE Framework 5 and  Plasma 5 was uploaded to unstable. KDE users, make up your mind, please.

2. Execution
Logout from your X11 session, switch to tty1 with Ctrl-Alt-F1, login as root,  "service lightdm stop"
(for adventurous people theese steps are optional)

apt-get dist-upgrade
The golden rule: Read what apt-get is about to do and don't remove half of your system.
The silver rule: this step will take some time, better not interrupt it, and don't panic.

You safely can let go the following packages:

libical1 replaced by libical1a
libhogweed2nettle-transition #785376
libnettle4nettle-transition #785376
xfce4-soundmenu-plugindropped from repo (was part of XFCE flavour only)
xserver-xorg-video-modesetting now integrated in xserver-xorg-core, not lost
... ... 

You might encounter some extra dialogs, where you can read some information
or might have to decide a config question, usually the default is save.
E.g. when asked to update lightdm.conf or lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf don't do it!
Just press Enter to keep the existing config.

One exception is grub2 (or grub-pc):
Here the default is empty checkboxes, so it won't get updated.
You have to repeat your decision from first install and you can select where to install the new version.

Okay, the endless wall of text will come to an end, finally!
Make sure there is no error message at the end and reboot.

If you encounter errors: Don't panic and don't ignore the messages. The details are useful.
Most likely, when you repeat the dist-upgrade you will see the exact same error message again.

Look up the details, search our forum (only use advanced search!), search (
or discuss the error on our irc support channel.

Take care, have fun!

Title: Mini-FAQ for common issues
Post by: musca on 2015/06/22, 11:12:39
Mini-FAQ for common issues:
- Most likely our community knows already about the matter. Search the forum or start siduction-irc, and just ask.
- Your installation media is also a useful rescue boot media, it has the offline manual. Eventually you should learn how to use firmware to get your network up and running with all links towards siduction.
- Use siduction live media or a second device to access ( or our irc support for getting help online.

In Linux most problems are solvable!
Here are some ideas for the "Big Five" issues:

System doesn't boot don't panic, use the live-media to chroot ( into your installed system and
to recover from almost any error without data loss.
GUI doesn't start not really a big problem, login in text mode, run the command "siduction-irc",
chat with the community and get help to solve configuration issues.
graphical login fails try text mode login (Ctrl-Alt-F1), check for free diskspace, clean up any faulty user configs
or search help online (i.e. run siduction-irc).
Black screen or freeze try to switch to text mode with Ctrl-Alt-F1, boot to runlevel "3"
or use rescue media, or get help online otherwise.
No network connection    read offline siduction manual (icon on your desktop),
or use a second system for online help.
Title: Re: First dist-upgrade after a fresh install of IndianSummer
Post by: devil on 2015/07/18, 10:47:23

I did a fresh installation of Indiansummer on my wife's laptop yesterday and upgraded it with kdenext to full kf5. There was with no problems other than the hang with libdbus-1-3 that musca already mentioned above. There was 15 packages removed alltogether. Besides the ones already mentioned there was:
Code: [Select]

Other than the last 2 these libs all belong to kdepim of KDE 4. I needed to reinstall marble and baloo.

After the first reboot network-manager (or the kde widget for it) acted up and did not show any wirless card. I found that firmware-ralink, that I had installed before installation, got lost in the process. Installed it, rebooted, but still no joy. Rebooted again and wifi was there, even though NM still does not reflect that.

Other than that, a full upgrade from Indiansummer to current KF5 poses no problems that a normal upgrade to KDE 4 would not also. If something seems odd, like a slow start after login or fugly fonts, you might be missing some packages. Installing kde-standard helps with this.