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Title: KDE4 upgrade
Post by: baker on 2013/08/18, 14:45:03
I carried out an upgrade a few days ago and all went well. I now notice that after I log in the pop up windows and application windows are fine, then suddenly they change to either all balck for an application window or transparent for a tool bar pop-up window.

I renamed my .kde directory and re-started but its had no affect.

I only moved to KDE4 a few months ago and have not had problems till now.

Can anyone suggest what it might be?
Title: RE: KDE4 upgrade
Post by: piper on 2013/08/18, 18:02:07
What video card are you using ?

Can you define "upgrade" ?

ex. dist-upgrade or upgrade ?
Title: RE: KDE4 upgrade
Post by: GoinEasy9 on 2013/08/19, 00:19:16
I noticed some differences with toolbar and notification backgrounds myself (After the upgrade from 4.10 to 4.11). Most notible on my EEEpc.  But, I also noticed that the theme on my EEEpc changed from Oxygen to one of the Air themes.  Changing it back got rid of the solid black toolbar.  

I haven't had time to play with the notification settings yet, but, my guess is that something changed in one of the theme settings.

System Settings --> Workspace Appearance is where I've been experimenting.
Title: RE: KDE4 upgrade (solved)
Post by: baker on 2013/08/19, 04:31:46
Thanks for the responses I am using an
 Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 10)
The card was fine on the previous 4.10.

I will also look at the System Settings :)

Unfortunately not sure why, but something to do with window settings.