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Installation Support (EN) / no wifi on pavilion Aero 13-be0068nf
« Last post by lanig on Today at 10:16:18 »

I want to install Siduction on a HP Pavilion  Aero 13-be0068nf, a fairly recent laptop.
I am booting on the wintersky LXQT image and I have no network.
lswh output:

lspci output :

The card works with Opensuse lshw output :

I guess the drivers in Wintersky are too old. Would a more recent build of Siduction solve this problem, and it case it would, where could I find such a build.

Best regards,
Freie Rede (DE) / Re: Symbol auf dem Winterski Wallpaper
« Last post by hendrikL on Today at 09:26:07 »
Brutalst mögliche Absicht, in neu deutsch. Aber schaut es Euch genau an!
Hardware - Support / Re: sound hdmisound-out slows down sound AND video
« Last post by vilde on Yesterday at 18:55:35 »
It doesn't matter if it's an mp4 och mkv, same happens, I have tried with SMP, VLC and some other player, I have tried the sound settings inside the player, and of cause in Settings Auido, whatever it looks like in System. I have tried xfce and kde branch. What I know is that it worked with that machine and cable with an (updated) older Siduction xfce installation. But that installation didn't manage the display on the tv as it should, therefore I installed kde that turned out to manage the display better for me.

Thank's for trying to help, but I need this machine to view movies now, I did a "dirty trick" installed MX-Linux latest KDE,  and then it's working..... so sorry, but I can't test anymore.

In both Siduction and MX installations PulseAudio settings for the hdmi sound indicates "unplugged" although the sound and movie really works in MX but not in Siduction.
Freie Rede (DE) / Re: Symbol auf dem Winterski Wallpaper
« Last post by devil on Yesterday at 18:49:17 »
Kein Zufall.
Freie Rede (DE) / Re: Symbol auf dem Winterski Wallpaper
« Last post by gorzka on Yesterday at 18:43:43 »
Was ja.

Scheibe von Nebra oder Zufall?
Freie Rede (DE) / Re: Symbol auf dem Winterski Wallpaper
« Last post by edlin on Yesterday at 17:16:13 »
Freie Rede (DE) / Symbol auf dem Winterski Wallpaper
« Last post by Mister00X on Yesterday at 14:03:10 »
Hallo allerseits,

nur eine kurze (total unwichtige) Frage:

Ist das Symbol auf dem Winterski-Wallpaper inspiriert von der "Scheibe von Nebra" oder ist das ein ziemlich unglaublicher Zufall?
You could put the image on an empty usb-key and  see if that boots, and then go from there. I never used Ventoy, so I have no idea what the issue could be.
Ideas and Improvements (EN) / Re: non-systemd version/S6/universal installer
« Last post by devil on Yesterday at 06:48:33 »

thanks for your suggestions.

1.) Systemd-Free is not going to happen. There are enough distributions out there, who offer that. We like systemd and will not put work into alternatives in this case.

2.) We are actualy thinking about that one.

3.) That is strange. Works for me ootb all the time. Can you specify the hardware, where this happened?
My first suggestion is a non-systemd version. I have tried S6 recently and the boot speed is amazingly fast, maybe the fastest among all of the init systems, currently only 2 distributions supports S6, I wonder if siduction could make a non-systemd version and shipping with S6 that would be the best.

The second suggestion is a universal installer instead of providing multiple desktop editions. I have tried Endeavor OS and I must say the installer of Endeavor OS is my favorite so far, I can try to install a different desktop environment without being forced to download another iso file and I really like the traditional Gnome2 looking Mate desktop, Mate is super efficient with the traditional menu

The third suggestion is better wireless adapter support on installation media. I downloaded the KDE and XFCE version of siduction, both of the installation process can not recognize my USB Wifi card, that's really inconvenient.

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