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Author Topic: [EN] xfce suspend mode problem  (Read 2959 times)


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[EN] xfce suspend mode problem
« on: 2012/01/05, 04:07:47 »
The only misbehavior I have noticed on my 11.1 xfce rc (dist-upgraded) is the "suspend" mode.  When I select it from the "action" button/logout window on the panel, often it will suspend but immediately wake up again without being asked. If I repeat the selection immediately it will generally suspend properly until I press the start button again. Not a deal-breaker but vexing when in a hurry.

I am not sure if this occurs if pm-suspend is invoked from the CLI.  This does not occur on my other linux partition, a squeeze-xfce distro. I will try to use the CLI version for a bit to see if it happens there as well.

Edit:  It happens with the CLI as well...just did it.

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xfce suspend mode problem
« Reply #1 on: 2012/01/05, 08:05:32 »
did you install policykit-1? we forgot about that one.



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Re: xfce suspend mode problem
« Reply #2 on: 2012/01/06, 06:45:59 »
Quote from: "devil"
did you install policykit-1? we forgot about that one.


Code: [Select]
# apt-get install policykit-1
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree      
Reading state information... Done
policykit-1 is already the newest version.
policykit-1 set to manually installed.

As I did not previously install it knowingly, you must not have forgotten it :?   All I have done to the original 11.1 rc to date was to do a dist-upgrade and add "at".