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Upgrade Warnings / Re: Browsers are broken
« Last post by samoht on Yesterday at 23:49:27 »
Recently Google Chrome and Vivaldi, as the browsers based on the Chromium machine, have been updated. And only these versions are working again on my siduction.

[Interestingly, the standalone desktop version of the Bitwarden client as an Electron-based programme still does not work.

Bitwarden works again after deleting the current
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Upgrade Warnings / Re: DU entfernt network-manager
« Last post by hendrikL on Yesterday at 16:13:04 »

network-manager 1.44.2-6 Changelog

apt changelog network-manager

  * Revert "Add versioned Breaks against isc-dhcp-client"
    Having a Breaks against isc-dhcp-client can lead to unwanted package
    removals by apt. As the default dhcp backend in network-manager has been
    switched from dhclient to internal, the Breaks is not strictly necessary.
    Users that have explicitly configured "dhcp=dhclient" are advised to
    switch to the internal option (recommended) or temporarily disable the
    sbin.dhclient AppArmor profile shipped by isc-dhcp-client until #1055067
    is fixed. (Closes: #1056638)

 -- Michael Biebl <biebl@debian.org>  Mon, 27 Nov 2023 07:45:49 +0100

network-manager (1.44.2-5) unstable; urgency=medium
Upgrade Warnings / Re: DU entfernt network-manager
« Last post by GoinEasy9 on Yesterday at 13:56:16 »
Confirmed, thank you vilde, NochEinNeuer.
Software - Support / Re: cups-browsed.service Hanging at Shutdown
« Last post by Billie34 on Yesterday at 02:54:04 »
May be same as or related to: https://github.com/OpenPrinting/cups-filters/issues/298 suika game
The fix is included in cups-filters 1.28.2, which is now available in sid.
I will keep an eye on shutdown it to see if it's fixed.
Has it been fixed or not?
Software - Support / Re: Problem after d-u: cp: not replacing
« Last post by effo on 2023/11/27, 20:52:05 »
I tried dpkg-reconfigure console-setup and setupcon. This worked fine on all ttys, but only until the next reboot. After that, everything was reset to default except tty1

What's strange is that if I log in using a normal user on a failing tty, eg. tty2, and tries to run command setupcon the screen flickers and then the screen is re-rendered with correct font!

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  [ You are not allowed to view this attachment ]  

Strange, eh?
Well. I am using Mulvad VPN and it's client for debian without any problems.
On all machines incl. tablet and smartphone, with. one account.
But with wireguard not openvpn
With $50 for life VPN provider you may actually be better protected when it has disconnected ;D.
Upgrade Warnings / Re: DU entfernt network-manager
« Last post by NochEinNeuer on 2023/11/27, 18:52:33 »
du lief heute problemlos durch ohne das irgendwas deinstalliert werden sollte
Habe bei einem Provider einen VPN-Vertrag. Ist ein recht preiswertes 50USD für Lifetime-Ding gewesen.
Bin eigentlich recht zufrieden, aber hin und wieder schaltet sich der VPN aus und dann bin ich ungeschützt im Netz. Der Laptop, um den es geht, steht 1m neben der Fritzbox, Wlan Abbrüche solten nicht verantwortlich sein, zumal es genauso bei Lanverbindungen passiert.

Nutze Plasma und den Networkmanager und habe die Verbindungen über L2TP/IPSec konfiguriert.
Der Anbieter hat wohl auch einen Debianclienten, habe ich nie getestet.

Wie macht ihr das? Tipps?
Software - Support / Re: Startet bei Euch Inkscape?
« Last post by edlin on 2023/11/27, 17:24:30 »
Wenn du nur das Homeverzeichnis löschst, machst den User nur obdachlos. Die Einträge in /etc/passwd & Co. bleiben aber erhalten. userdel oder deluser sind deine Freunde.

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