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Author Topic:  Reading CD's  (Read 2714 times)


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Reading CD's
« on: 2014/01/26, 20:10:53 »
Hi all,

inserting cd's do not lead to an aotomount of tzhe disk and indication in krusader below /media.
Several times ejecting and inserting the cd helps.

By what command I can bring siduction to look in the cd-rom, if a disk is in and bring the link to it up to /media?


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Re: Reading CD's
« Reply #1 on: 2014/02/12, 11:30:23 »
Hi All,
i had the same problem here, only with optical media. It seems that the change from udisks to udisks2 caused this behaviour.
There is a bug report on this topic
I enabled kernel polling as a workaround by adding a udev rule
Code: [Select]
echo 'ACTION=="add", ATTR{removable}=="1", ATTR{events_poll_msecs}=="-1", ATTR{events_poll_msecs}="2000"' > /etc/udev/rules.d/61-removable-storage-polling.rules
as proposed in
Now it seems to work, at least for me.