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Author Topic:  Using systemd / systemctl  (Read 2711 times)


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Using systemd / systemctl
« on: 2014/03/12, 23:15:00 »
This continues from my reply # 12 here:

And from musca's kind reply #13

His reply prompted me to carefully re-read the excellent 13.2.0 Release Notes here:


The notes clearly explain the new commands (using systemd/systemctl) to be used for changing runlevels. In my case doing dist-upgrade, to switch to (what was) runlevel 3, and later, to switch to runlevel 5.

@musca: Thank you !

I've been a happy user of Siduction from the beginning because:
-admins generously tolerate beginners' questions, and,
-siduction documentation is the best linux documentation that I've found.

Best wishes to all,