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Author Topic: [EN] Why would I use Siduction?  (Read 5687 times)

Offline mrlen

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[EN] Why would I use Siduction?
« on: 2022/07/17, 05:59:48 »
Hey. New guy here. Never heard of Siduction before. However, after finding three different videos in one day in all unrelated searches, I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something  8)

So I've downloaded the ISO and I am installing it even as I type. *XFCE, which I am a fan of.

I've done some basic resaerch. ie: Watched those three videos. I know it's based on Debian. It's a rolling release. Completely community driven. Huge bonus there. Love that concept. I also understand FOSS is preferred, but proprietary software is not shunned.

I get all the basics - and I am sure I'll find out a lot more as I explore once it's installed. And I'm sure this question could be answered many different ways, depending on who's providing the answer - but I just want to ask:

Why do you use Siduction?
Why not just install Debian? What does Siduction do better?
I'm a huge freedom/free speech/privacy/FOSS fan. Will Siduction be good for someone like me?

Offline devil

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Re: Why would I use Siduction?
« Reply #1 on: 2022/07/17, 08:11:59 »
Hi mrlen and welcome to siduction.
The basic crew of siduction has been following the path of Debian Unstable since the historic days of Knoppix and Kanotix. It used to be a really rough ride in the early days. Nowadays, things are a lot smoother.

As to why you should use it? If you like Debian and prefer to use current software, there is your answer. Debian does and probably will never release Unstable. So, we provide users who like to run Debian Unstable, also known as Sid, with an image to start off with and support here and on IRC (saw you there, missed you by 30 minutes, as we are mostly in DE).

We love FOSS, but we also want to help people install siduction on current hardware and get their wifi up and running, which is not always easy with Debian Stable sticking to main in their repositories. Hence, we offer unfree firmware - take it or leave it. The choice is yours. More on that can  be found in the release notes.

Free speech - of course, as long as it does not hate speech and similar statements. Other than that, we are pretty laid-back folks.

Let me close this with some hints as to how to keep your install happy: Do dist-upgrades regularly. You can do them up to 3 times per day, but once or twice a week will suffice. Before you do, a short glimpse at the Upgrade Warnings (DE / EN) section here on the forum is advised. Other than that, if you are not comfortable with apt and the Debian package system, you should get a grip on that.

And now have fun computing with siduction.

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Re: Why would I use Siduction?
« Reply #2 on: 2022/07/17, 12:12:55 »
Hi mrlen,

All the reasons to choose Debian are reasons to choose siduction -- siduction IS Debian. But, if you choose Debian stable, you might wait another 3 years for the next version upgrade. With siduction, you can have an upgrade every morning.  :)

(And do check this forum before you install the upgrade .....)
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Re: Why would I use Siduction?
« Reply #3 on: 2022/07/17, 19:21:11 »
I've been using Siduction for a few years. The developers don't really make an effort here. They give themselves the best you can expect from a few people. The best!!!

If you have questions, ask them here in the forum, no matter how simple they may be, you will be answered.

I personally take the NOX variant. After that I can install the desktop, whatever it is, minimally and customize it to my liking.

I also have an external hard drive and create a backup with RESCUECILLA.

I do not need more

and of course very stable and fast. even my old computer
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Re: Why would I use Siduction?
« Reply #4 on: 2022/07/17, 22:16:23 »
One of the reasons for using siduction is the siduction kernel with towos pactches.

As an example: The siduction kernel is compiled with the openrgb kernel patch which enables users with RGB-RAM and some RGB-motherboards to control the lights on their hardware using openrgb.

Also towo frequently backports release candidates of future stable kernel releases e.g. 5.18.13~rc3 to the current stable kernel, so you get your fixes a bit faster than on other distros.

just my 2 cents

Addendum: And of course the very helpful community is also a big advantage of siduction
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Offline mrlen

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Re: Why would I use Siduction?
« Reply #5 on: 2022/07/18, 02:28:19 »
Hey guys, I am on work time at the moment. But just quickly want to drop this video which is what caused me to try Siduction. You can see my responses in the comments. It's a great little distro. I'll continue trying it out on the weekend! I'll also read your responses more thoroughly and respond properly.

Siduction OS | Light , Stable , Solid | Debian Sid | LXQt

But I just want to say that the reason I love Debian is because I've grow weary of Ubuntu.It's kind sad, because Ubuntu got me into Linux. But I just feel Ubuntu is becoming the Linux Version of Windows. I've been using LInux full time for about 4 years now - after 13 years of trying Ubuntu out every year.

I'll definitely be back! Sorry for the short response..

Offline masinick

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Re: Why would I use Siduction?
« Reply #6 on: 2022/07/27, 20:49:58 »
I have another positive comment about siduction: for many years I have been using various varieties of Linux distributions.  About 75-80% of them have been either loosely or tightly coupled to Debian in some way or another, including siduction.

After years of using systems with physical hard drives, I picked up a Chromebook a couple of years ago that had a much faster processor than another one I had, plus a solid state drive (SSD).  It was by far the fastest system I've used, so soon thereafter I bought another system from the same company with an NVME SSD.  It had Windows software on it, so naturally I replaced it almost immediately.  While I had a learning curve figuring out how to set their firmware to "work properly" when replacing Windows software with Linux software, I got the biggest treat of all when I finally managed to get siduction installed.  All of the other distributions I installed also ran well, but I've not had a distribution boot as rapidly as I found when I put in the WinterSky release!  Moreover, those supposedly "unstable" as far as the Debian-based packages, I have not experienced a single issue that caused problems for me, though my typical use cases are 90%+ browser related; nevertheless the experience has been responsive and error free.  Pretty impressive, especially for "freely available software"!  Why experience commercial software when you can do so much better under a WinterSky!  Great work!