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Author Topic: [DE] problem loging-in for user  (Read 2695 times)


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[DE] problem loging-in for user
« on: 2011/12/22, 14:49:37 »

Had a problem logging in for user - basically could not in the lxde desktop.  But when changed to openbox was able to login.

As maybe guessed I am using the lxde 64bit edition.

The home partition was already there - checked that for permission problems - there were no problems there.

Also deleted user and then remade user account - no difference still could not login.


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problem loging-in for user
« Reply #1 on: 2011/12/22, 21:28:09 »
Hi blackone! :)

Thank you for testing and for reporting this issue.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to reproduce that behaviour yet. During my tests (and there have been many), I could log in by entering username and password on the screen presented by lightdm every time.

Could you please give us some more details on your system and especially on that issue itself, that is to say what happens in detail when using lightdm (including your input) and how you do log in alternatively exactly (you mentioned openbox). Do you use some special chars in your username and/or realname? Is there anything noteworthy to read when you move to a tty after that error has ocurred?

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problem loging-in for user
« Reply #2 on: 2011/12/23, 11:15:57 »
There is one thing that I can imagine:

Have you installed /home to a separate partition without choosing "mount on initialization"?

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problem loging-in for user
« Reply #3 on: 2011/12/23, 12:19:18 »
Hi all

yes /home is on a separate partition but is mounted.

Actually I have just found upon investigation that I have it all wrong.  In the lightdm login window the dropdown box has three options with the top most being default_Xsession.  That I was using to try to login.  I now notice there are two other entries one each for lxde and openbox.

The default did not work but the other two do work.

Sorry for getting it wrong.



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problem loging-in for user
« Reply #4 on: 2011/12/23, 12:36:41 »
BTW  What is the default session, and why could I not login to it.