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Author Topic: [EN] [SOLVED]problem with firestarter nox amd64  (Read 2486 times)


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[EN] [SOLVED]problem with firestarter nox amd64
« on: 2013/08/16, 14:22:59 »
Trying to start a live session with the installer of firestarter nox amd64 (boot from a usb stick). The boot process works so far, but when i start the live session the screen is a mess. What would be the right settings for grub etc. (to put in there)?

The laptop is a samsung 535uc with screen 1366x768

Thanks in advance.


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problem with firestarter nox amd64
« Reply #1 on: 2013/08/21, 17:20:33 »
SOLVED by commenting out radeon in the grubline.