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Author Topic:  Looking for sync package recommendation  (Read 3492 times)


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Looking for sync package recommendation
« on: 2013/12/21, 23:27:02 »
Hi all,

I plan to install siduction on my new box as only OS on a SSD.
I plan to keep my data on that ssd also and have a back-up at my hoster.

I like to sync between my ssd partition (data) and the ftp back-up.

What package should be first choice for syncing unidirectional between? rsync?

All recommendations welcome.

Offline Geier0815

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Wenn Windows die Lösung ist...
kann ich dann bitte das Problem zurück haben?


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Re: Looking for sync package recommendation
« Reply #2 on: 2013/12/22, 21:18:04 »
Hi Geier0815,

thanks for the hint, this looks pretty as it does what I look for. 
I try it.