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Author Topic:  new lxqt user - no internet connection with live DVD  (Read 3519 times)


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Hi - sorry to be so feeble but somewhat thrown when I booted up the live dvd of 14.0.1 only to find no internet connection, no network icon - nada.

Posting here via a win 7 laptop (yuch!).  Am I supposed to install network manager or something?  Did google and search forum but nothing turned up

EDIT: should have mentioned that I have both wired ethernet and wireless available.

EDIT: OK bear with me.  Found the release notes and the manual.  Realize I have to do some work to get a connection re third party firmware and software.  I'll work through it and post back
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Re: new lxqt user - no internet connection with live DVD
« Reply #1 on: 2014/06/07, 20:32:09 »
LXQt is experimental, so, hearing how you're getting along is much appreciated.  Please continue to post back.
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Re: new lxqt user - no internet connection with live DVD
« Reply #2 on: 2014/06/08, 00:17:17 »
but LXQt has ceni - big plus. And one should be able to identify his hardware - and eventually activate non-free and load the needed drivers. I would go with wired connections first.

Later nm or wicd may be a good tool

EDIT: GoinEasy9 - i have moved LXQt packages to unstable - but yeah, it has some rough edges sometimes. The manual and some informations about the system may help a lot to give useful advice
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