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Author Topic:  Installation of lxqt  (Read 3230 times)


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Installation of lxqt
« on: 2014/08/23, 18:32:32 »

how can i smoothly transition from lxde to lxqt.

which packages do i have to install, which sources should i use?


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Re: Installation of lxqt
« Reply #1 on: 2014/08/24, 01:08:32 »
there is no smooth transition from lxde to lxqt at the moment

a hint may be - install the lxqt-packages from extra, you must decide between qt4/qt5.

i think, that a smooth transition may be a goal for the 0.8 packages, if the release of 0.8 is done, but i think that will be minor goal as lxde will be a full supported flavour as long it will be actively maintained and developed. But i do agree, that a package list may be helpful in the wiki
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