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Author Topic: [EN] Trouble installing patience  (Read 3025 times)


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[EN] Trouble installing patience
« on: 2017/03/17, 02:23:35 »
I've tried to install Patience from DVD on two systems without success.

The first is a Dell Precision 3620. It only boots to a command prompt -- the desktop never comes up. I tried bringing up the desktop with startx, but that causes the system to hang.

The second attempt was on a Dell XPS laptop. The DVD loads and I get the desktop. The installation process goes all the way to the end without any errors. When it is finished and I reboot all I get is "Operating system not found".

I tried this with both the Mate version and also the KDE version. Results are all the same.

One other item is that the Dell Precision has a standard hard drive, while the laptop has an SSD.

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Re: Trouble installing patience
« Reply #1 on: 2017/03/17, 08:41:37 »
Did you check MD5-sum of the image? Tried with USB-Stick? Can we have the output of
Code: [Select]
inxi -MGDNI
for both machines?
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