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Author Topic:  flatpak problems  (Read 2509 times)


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flatpak problems
« on: 2018/05/31, 17:54:24 »
I am encountering numerous flatpak problems.
1 )    Many flatpaks will not install.    I get a variety of errors.      The flatpak downloads but then near the finish gets an          error   "Connection reset by peer"

2 )    Flatpaks that do install will only run in terminal.     And while they are running I get numerous dbus warnings.
3 )   Flatpaks that do manage to make it on the menu list will not launch from the menu
4 )    Some flatpaks will not update.      Error "connection to peer reset"
5 )     Error message "Can't find temporary directory"
I did not have any of these problems in SparkyLinux ( which uses Debian 9.4 )