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Author Topic: [EN] Add 'root' user to su  (Read 4683 times)


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[EN] Add 'root' user to su
« on: 2019/06/20, 23:45:57 »
Sorry if I am in the wrong section.I am trying to find out how to add root as a su user so that when I leave desktop I can login in as root and go directly to su. As it is now I have to login as user then go to su. I do remember doing it once before but lost the guide and finding one that is not corrupted by ubuntu methodology  is very hard to find.

Before I get flamed as not getting with the program and just use sudo. A) I like using smxi to help with my upgrading. never failed me and it can only be used while fully in root. B) tried sudo and I find it too cumbersome and unpredictable as to when it calls for password and when it doesn't. Also if I have to type in my password too many times I will scream because I use the intelligent password approach and have one that uses well over 10 characters. My root pwd is even longer. The way I use root is to go in get all my commands in. do a test then get out. With sudo there are too many extra steps that IMHO I really do not need to go through.

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Re: Add 'root' user to su
« Reply #1 on: 2019/06/21, 03:15:16 »
I'm not sure I understand your question. If you're logged in as root in a graphical console like Konsole, you can do admin tasks without su. Or are you asking about leaving desktop for root console login? One way is to click on graphical logout in menu, then Ctrl-Alt-F1 to go to console. Then to shut down display manager and set runlevel, log in as root and do
Code: [Select]
systemctl isolate multi-user.target
I never use either sudo or smxi in siduction and doubt anyone else here will ever tell you to either.
PS. in some distros sudo is configured with a timeout so if you use it once and then use it again within the set time (often 15 minutes) it will not ask for a password. Commonly it will even give a notification that it's doing that for subsequent uses. It is not unpredictable.
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Re: Add 'root' user to su
« Reply #2 on: 2019/06/21, 13:38:59 »
Quote from: LRC1962
... how to add root as a su user ...

Root already has all the power of the substitute user -- no need to change anything on your system.  For updating your system, the recommendation has always been to do as sunrat has written.  Or, if you are booting your system with a plan to update it, when the grub screen appears. press "e" and then add "3" at the end of the linux boot line and then Ctrl-X to continue booting directly to tty1, and login as root.

I've personally never used sudo in ten years of running a Debian sid system, nor smxi -- they are unnecessary and no one here will be interested in solving problems related to those methods.
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Re: Add 'root' user to su
« Reply #3 on: 2019/06/21, 15:16:20 »
My wild guess is that @LRC1962 want to login as root with the DM.

So at least in KDE it need a setting in a KDE config file to allow root login. Don't know about other DEs - but i guess GNOME is the same.

Anyways, it will work only with X, it will never work with wayland sessions anymore so i hereby suggest to stay away from.,
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