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Author Topic: [EN] Download Statistics July 2023  (Read 3988 times)

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[EN] Download Statistics July 2023
« on: 2023/07/13, 21:55:32 »
We started counting downloads in early 2023. This was in the middle of the Wintersky release cycle, so figures were not very convincing. With the Masters of War release, these counting is now are complete and makes sense to give you insights on the current state.
All in all, to this day the current Siduction release was downloaded presumedly ~24,000 times!

A few caveats to keep in mind when looking at this:
  • Only downloads via our website a.k.a. download buttons are counted
  • No downloads directly from any mirror are counted
  • No downloads of testbuilds or fresh isobuilds are counted
  • Started but cancelled downloads still count as downloads

Everything in detail: