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Author Topic: [EN] Mouse cursor invisible  (Read 2280 times)

Offline vilde

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[EN] Mouse cursor invisible
« on: 2021/11/17, 20:34:41 »
After a d-u for some days ago one of my XFCE installations the mouse cursor is not visible on the screen, only exception is that it's visible when it's in the top left corner on the screen. The mouse works I can use it and sort of see where the cursor shall be when things get highlighted when the invisible cursor is hovering above it.

I remember that there where a few java-something that I let go on the d-u. I don't know what more information I can/shall provide to help to find the reason for my problem.

Edit: the problem is the same on the login screen....

Edit2: if I start with the kernel (5:12:15:1) that's the one before the d-u and the problem is not there (this computer is normally not situated at my home and there will sometimes go several month between my visits and therefore the d-u:s)

Edit3: When starting with the newer kernel, when the mouse fault is there, there are other problems, if I do ctrl-alt-F5 to get to tty5  for example the computer hangs and I need to do a hard reset.

This is not written on the computer with the problem.
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Re: Mouse cursor invisible
« Reply #1 on: 2021/12/14, 12:35:47 »
Is it still happening?  I remember something about invisible mouse cursors with NVIDIA, but it might only be with certain desktops.

Which desktop are you running?  What's the login manager?