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Author Topic:  Progress Linux  (Read 5938 times)

Offline titan

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Progress Linux
« on: 2019/01/30, 09:43:59 »
I noticed there are some new additions in the repros this morning for Progress-Linux  https://progress-linux.org/  no useful information on the website seems a bit strange, site just says focused on system integration anybody know what it does.

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Re: Progress Linux
« Reply #1 on: 2019/01/30, 10:35:45 »
Free speech isn't just fucking saying what you want to say, it's also hearing what you don't want to fucking hear

I either give too many fucks or no fucks at all, it's like I cannot find a middle ground for a moderate fuck distribution, it's like what the fuck

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Re: Progress Linux
« Reply #2 on: 2019/01/30, 20:20:31 »