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Author Topic: [EN] Discovered a New (to Me) Browser  (Read 6836 times)

Offline tranquil

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[EN] Discovered a New (to Me) Browser
« on: 2020/09/27, 00:00:15 »
I did some searching yesterday to see if there were any new (to me) browsers available and came across one called Dissenter. Dissenter is based on the Brave browser, but you don't need to fiddle with setting a kernel setting to get it to work under Debian like you do with Brave. Dissenter also blocks Big Tech ads and trackers by default. Dissenter is currently available for Linux with only DEB and RPM files.
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Re: Discovered a New (to Me) Browser
« Reply #1 on: 2020/10/10, 07:08:10 »
I always stick with the big guns when it comes to browsers. I do not trust the little guys when it comes to security.

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Re: Discovered a New (to Me) Browser
« Reply #2 on: 2020/10/10, 23:42:54 »

I use SRWare Iron, mostly. Occasionally Firefox handles a site better so that's my backup browser.
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Re: Discovered a New (to Me) Browser
« Reply #3 on: 2020/12/31, 18:35:20 »
Unfortunately, I have to agree with devil, I'd rather stick with the big names (apart from Internet Explorer, of course).
I mean, I gave Epic Privacy Browser a try recently, and it wasn't that convincing, there wasn't an actual issue, but it was just not as good as the bigger competitors. Plus, I was doing a lot of research to give a picture of how the market for this real estate in Cannes evolved during 2020, and Chrome and Firefox both were much better suited.