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Author Topic:  A couple of issues  (Read 8249 times)


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A couple of issues
« on: 2013/06/05, 13:53:04 »
While using the cli-installer on my Samsung series9 laptop I got an error at the end saying something like

---some disk id here---:home not found in fstab

I'll try again with an updated version of the installer and post back if the problem persists.

However, this issue did not occur on my asus eee pc laptop.

I also had two issues with the graphical installer.

The drop down showing available disks for the /home partition only listed sdb (The USB stick), not sda where the partition I wanted was. This seemed a bit strange as both sda and sdb had been listed earlier in the installer.
After running a few disk utilities and restarting the installer the problem was gone and everything went fine.

The graphical partitioning tool kept showing an error about sdb (The USB stick) having recursive partitions or something like that, leaving behind a blank orphaned popup window. I managed to complete the partitioning somehow by ignoring the "dead" windows.

Finally, I'm having troubble with Broadcoms open source drivers (openfwwf) on my Asus eee seashell 1215b

Removing it and installing the wl driver as described here http://wiki.debian.org/wl works better for the BCM4313 card