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Author Topic: [EN] Reddit Question  (Read 4219 times)

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[EN] Reddit Question
« on: 2023/06/11, 21:42:38 »
If anyone here has a reddit account, they might want to chime in.

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Re: Reddit Question
« Reply #1 on: 2023/06/12, 04:55:50 »
Hi Devil

Seems that the CEO of Reddit has decided to start charging large amounts of money in order for 3rd party vendors to use the Reddit API (At least to my understanding). In response, a 48 hour boycott has been initiated by many of the groups on Reddit. It seems like the moderator of r/siduction has also restricted that group.  
I thought I belonged to r/linux, but I don't, so I'm getting the same response you are, a restriction message. Restrictions may or may not be lifted after the June 12th and 13th boycott. 
Sad, I've been using "Reddit-Is-Fun" since before Reddit developed it's own app. Their developer has announced he will  shutdown the app June 30th because he can't afford the fees.

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Re: Reddit Question
« Reply #2 on: 2023/06/12, 07:25:24 »

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Re: Reddit Question
« Reply #3 on: 2023/06/12, 11:45:42 »
I have commented on this thread right before r/linux has gone dark.

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