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Hi All,

I thought in case anyone runs into this issue I can help them out.  I recently got a steam controller, it wasn't so plug and play to make it work.  First you need to install a package from the debian repository

--- Code: ---apt install steam-devices

--- End code ---

You will need to reboot for the udev rules to work.  Now it should work but I found when I started a game the controller stopped working.  The controller worked flawlessly in big picture mode and even acted as a keyboard in mouse when in desktop steam.  If you run into this problem its because uinput module is not loading into the kernel.  So I had to do the following create the following file (as root)

--- Code: ---echo 'uinput' > /etc/modules-load.d/uinput.conf
--- End code ---

then reboot and everything works fine. 


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