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How to set default microphone


I have 2 microphone always available one is from the webcam and the other one from the audio card.
I have at every boot the webcam microphone as default also if I use the KDE audio panel to set the other one or also with pavucontrol.
I don't know how to force it at every boot, I was thinking to remove from drivers the support of microphone from the webcam but I don't think that is the best solution.

oops, deleted

Right now I am testing

Nope didn't worked...

So seems that on my machine at boot pulseaudio doesn't work.I had to manually kill and restart after kde loaded so I added in the autostart stuff and now pulseaudio works fine and load the default microphone with that settings.The interesting it is happened also in my new laptop with siduction and fixed in the same way.


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