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Author Topic: [EN] [solved]New to Sidux, system upgraded to KDE5, Gwenview not working?  (Read 1889 times)


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Hi guys,

I am new to Sidux and this is my first post here.

Installed from the Indian Summer upgrade and for some reason my system upgraded itself to Plasma 5 and Gwenview keeps crashing.

The initial version was 4.14 and I upgraded it to 5.0 but it still keeps crashing, and doesn't actually start wel at all.Is there a more reliable alternative to Gwenview?
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 Gwenview 15.08.1 with KDE Frameworks 5.14.0 never crashed here. The only thing wrong with it is, it's lost it's ability to cut or resize. That'll be reimplemented soon. And no, the system will never upgrade itself. And it's siduction, not sidux, that's been dead and gone for many years.



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I switched to the kdenext repository for KDE 5, did a dist-upgrade and reinstall/fix-missing.
It upgraded to version 15.08 and it is working better now.