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dist-upgrade from #! or semplice?

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Hi guys,
I started with #!, then changed sources.list to point to sid.
Then, I changed sources.list to point to semplice (a dist-upgrade to semplice instead of a re-install).

So now, the question is, how do I dist-upgrade to siduction?  Or should I just bite the bullet and re-image?

Thanks for any info.


With that history, to be able to be supportable by us, only a fresh install will do.


You could copy your stuff from /home, /etc, /root and may be /usr/local to some external storage to get essential parts faster back.
You could also create a list of your installed software for quick installation in the new and shiny siduction. The wiki article on that is just in German up to now... May be helpful!

That's what I figured.  And here I am thinking that women are the only ones with baggage ;)

Thanks for the info.

BTW... I did learn something from the past...
I have /, swap, and /home partitions.  Re-install isn't really a problem... Just wondering how close to the edge I was.


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