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Author Topic: [EN] How to test new DE's on siduction using addpkg  (Read 5498 times)

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[EN] How to test new DE's on siduction using addpkg
« on: 2014/10/06, 19:31:45 »
Hi siduction user,

In siduction scripts package there is addpkg tool.
addpkg can be used to install a custom pkglist in a previous siduction install.

You need a dist-upgraded siduction install.
If you test in a virtual machine you can install xorg or any other siduction flavour but is preferable to use xorg.
Don't forget to dist-upgrade after install.

Under /usr/share/siduction-scripts/packages there is a template file named custom.ex.
Custom.ex file must be copied as custom .
After copying custom.ex as custom please add there your's needed packages.

Run addpkg custom

A new user should be created and login as new  to test.
This is required to propagate new user settings.
Old user settings are not touched.
If you like new user's settings and you want them also for old user you should do it by hand as follows:
a) save your's files/settings from old user home in another place
b) delete old user and remove also old user home
c) create a new user with same name as old user you have deleted
d) copy saved files and push some of old settings  in original places.

If you are satisfied with your's pkglist please attach it as $desktop-environment.pkglist in forum in a new thread in Experimental.

6) If you have configured your's desktop environment to have siduction branding ( wallpaper, start menu icon and so on)  please make an archive with the settings and attach it as $desktop-environment-settings.tgz in same thread under Experimental and write how to use the archive so other users have same settings.

If you attach those files other users can test and send feedback.

Thank you !

Angelescu Ovidiu (convbsd)
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