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Title: Fresh Images
Post by: devil on 2020/07/15, 20:56:39
Today I have rebuilt all siduction flavors on Mind you, the calamares installer is still broken, so you need to use the cli-installer instead for now. The images have been successfully booted and installed in VirtualBox. Other tests have not been done.

Update: towo fixed the calamares installer, I did another rebuild of all flavors. So with the latest images on calamares works again.
Title: Re: Fresh Images
Post by: eriefisher on 2020/07/15, 23:47:15
I've been wanting to play with LXQT version and this was the push. I have tried twice to install it and it stalls at "syncing /usr". I let it go for some time but nothing happens. The system is still responding though as I can open an application.
This is trying to use KVM. My hardware is a dual core intel celeron N3350 with 4g of ram. I gave 1 core and 2g ram to the VM. I know it's not great but it works well with other VM's ie: Manjaro, MX and even Mojave but it ran slow. I even logged out of my XFCE desktop and into Fluxbox to save on some resources but it didn't help.
I will play with it some more and see it I can get it to go. Funny thing is it boots pretty fast into the live environment.
EDIT: Nevermind. I went into the settings and realized I only gave the VM 1g ram rather than 2g. Rebooted the iso and installed in about 5:30min.