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2018/04/25, 20:01:43


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Software Support (EN) / Re: minissdp
« Last post by vilde on Today at 20:01:05 »
It's no meaning piper, I look at the first link

 "is a protocol for mapping ports in network address translation"

I don't know what that means, only generating new questions as I wrote before, I don't understand this vocabulary. I don't know the meaning of the words, I even don't know what the very common word protocol means in about computers. Protocol is a thing I can write checking something.

So, if nobody want to answer my question without making me get more questions I can't answer, let it be....

Software Support (EN) / Re: minissdp
« Last post by vilde on Today at 17:57:11 »
Thanks piper

 I red that myself and it's like allways reading about packages or features only generates new questions, "UPnP control point for IGD devices" ??? "all UPnP devices that announced themselves on the network through SSDP NOTIFY packets" whats that? ??? ?   and so on.

The technical language is so full of words that I don't understand that it's normally useless to reed for me. It's quite often that users get the messages to reed for them selves, it's not that easy if you not know the vocabulary or/and the meaning of the words.

So upnp is some thing tat make me be able to connect things to the computer if I remember right, the only thing I connect is usb-disks, a printer that is installed.......

I did say yes to this minissdp to start on but when do I possible need it? I have no problem letting it bee but because of the question came up during d-u there must be a reason for not having it on.
Hardware-Support (DE) / Re: Probleme mit Zweitmonitor
« Last post by ReinerS on Today at 17:51:23 »
Fällt denn die Fehlermeldung jetzt anders aus ?


Software Support (EN) / Re: minissdp
« Last post by piper on Today at 17:43:06 »
My crystal ball don't work today, you tell us if you need it
Die längere Pause im Bootprozess habe ich auch mit dem neuen

Gibt es dazu schon Abhilfe?

Vielen Dank
aktuell ist 1.9.3 - das funzt mit meiner 7490 ohne Probleme
die Debian Pakete sind veraltet

Code: [Select]
apt policy roger roger-router
  Installiert:           1.9.3-0tabos1~jessie
  Installationskandidat: 1.9.3-0tabos1~jessie
 *** 1.9.3-0tabos1~jessie 500
        500  Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
  Installiert:           (keine)
  Installationskandidat: 1.9.3-0tabos1~jessie
     1.9.3-0tabos1~jessie 500
        500  Packages
     1.8.14-2+b5 500
        500 unstable/main amd64 Packages

Code: [Select]
Description: transitional dummy package - upgrade to roger
 For simple upgrade to the Roger Router packages from Tabos-Team.
 This package can be safely removed after the transition.
Hardware-Support (DE) / Re: Probleme mit Zweitmonitor
« Last post by harley-peter on Today at 11:49:21 »
Stimmt, du hast Recht. Es genügt wenn ich den ersten fb Parameter gleich auf 1680x1050 setze. Aber erst mit dem zweiten Befehl hat auch der Laptop seine korrekte Darstellung trotz der Fehlermeldungen.  :)

Software Support (EN) / minissdp
« Last post by vilde on Today at 11:40:34 »
Today on d-u I got the question if I wanted minissdp start on boot. Do I need it? Do I need the minissdp pacakage? and why?
Hardware-Support (DE) / Re: Probleme mit Zweitmonitor
« Last post by ReinerS on Today at 10:29:03 »
Den fb-parameter gebe ich nur einmal ein und beinhaltet bei mir mindestens die addierte Auflösung der Monitore.
Wahrscheinlich reicht es bei dir wenn du den ersten Paratmer gleich auf "--fb 1680x1050" setzt. Dann könnte es passen weil du für beide Monitore in denselben Bereich schreibst.


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