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Author Topic: [EN] Install within debian stable?  (Read 3304 times)


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[EN] Install within debian stable?
« on: 2011/12/28, 01:10:33 »
 I previously used aptosid and although I liked it..I never participated in the forum because of the harsh comments that I read.(Not exactly noob friendly) I always do lots of research and as quoted several times on the forum "read the :shock: manual" but sometimes you just gotta ask a question!:D I ended up switching distros. I have downloaded the lxde 64bit iso and tried it out in virtualbox. I am very impressed with this linux distro.

Anyway, I have just installed debian lxde 64bit stable just a week ago and would like to know if I could just upgrade to siduction? I suppose a fresh install would be best but it can't hurt to ask.  :D


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Install within debian stable?
« Reply #1 on: 2011/12/28, 01:51:37 »

I suppose a fresh install would be best

right :)
and it does not hurt and takes only minutes.
please understand that we can only support fresh installs. a conversion from debian stable, although probably possible, has too many unknowns.