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Author Topic:  Live USB with persist crashes the filesystem  (Read 7902 times)

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Live USB with persist crashes the filesystem
« on: 2013/07/13, 22:20:25 »
I have created a Live USB Stick firestarter xfce 64bit. Installed multiarch teamviewer skype gimp and some other soft. Was pleased that all was working well. After some session the shutdown menu wouldn't start anymore. So I started the live system without persist, remounted the stick rw and did a e2fsck on the persist-file, which found lots of errors. After this I've  rebooted with persist and the only thing I had done was starting a console, executed sync and then restarted with no persist enabled, and e2fsck found another couple of errors. This happens after EVERY boot. Tested with xfce 64bit and razorqt 32 bit on three different Laptops/Desktops.
EVERY time using persist leads to a corrupted persist-in-a-file filesystem. Shit.