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Author Topic: [EN] [SOLVED] Siduction Xorg Indian Summer Live USB - No UEFI Option  (Read 3449 times)


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Equipment:  ASUS UX303LA

I'm attempting to install Siduction Xorg Indian Summer in a dual-boot environment with Debian 8 (Jessie), which is currently installed and working.  Checksum matches for the 64-bit ISO I downloaded from the University of Delaware (U.S.) mirror.

When I enable the manual/UEFI boot screen (ESC key on POST), I'm not seeing an entry to boot the Siduction Indian Summer live USB in UEFI mode.  Am I not understanding something or did I make a mistake creating the live USB?

I've attempted to install Indian Summer, but I'm seeing options for BIOS environments only, so I have aborted the installation.

Following is my current partitioning scheme:

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Re: Siduction Xorg Indian Summer Live USB - No UEFI Option
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the images are for bios installations only, but there are several howtos in the net and in the forum how to make a uefi installation
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Re: Siduction Xorg Indian Summer Live USB - No UEFI Option
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Thank you very much for your reply, melmarker.  I was planning on performing a Debian NetInstall, changing the repos to match those in Siduction, and then install the necessary packages based on the Xorg manifest, with the exception of fluxbox and perhaps a few other packages.

20150504-01 edit:  I haven't officially tested it yet, but I now have a UEFI-enabled USB thumb drive containing Siduction Xorg IndianSummer Live thanks to the fine how-to by GoinEasy9.

20150510-01 edit:  I spoke too soon.  GoinEasy9's how-to didn't work for me.  First, there were 6 folders, not five and when I attempt to boot the USB drive using UEFI, I get the following error that continuously scrolls on my laptop screen:

error: no such device: /boot/grub/x86_64-efi/2014-11-23-04-45-08-00

I've searched the forums here and I've also searched the web and I'm not finding anything that makes sense to me.  Therefore, at this point I've spent more time than I think I should have, so I'm cutting my losses and using a Debian NetInstall and then I'll customize that using the IndianSummer manifest, sans Fluxbox and perhaps a few other pkgs.
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