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Author Topic: [EN] [Solved] xorg installer  (Read 4263 times)

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[EN] [Solved] xorg installer
« on: 2018/11/23, 17:26:04 »
Just pulled down the iso for xorg to install on qemu-kvm like my others siduction iso's. However to my surprise calamaris was not included or maybe in my case well hidden. I would like to install xorg in a virtual machine and suggestions are welcomed with open arms on what I am doing wrong, thanks!  :-[   
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Re: xorg installer
« Reply #1 on: 2018/11/23, 18:32:36 »
open a terminal:
Code: [Select]
dpkg -l cala*
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Re: [Solved] xorg installer
« Reply #2 on: 2018/11/24, 15:05:13 »
@melmarker, thanks! Must have been standing on the hose or asleep, "Alt-F2 sudo calamares" worked fine appreciate your assistance. :)
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