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Author Topic:  update UTMP  (Read 3003 times)


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update UTMP
« on: 2021/05/11, 00:49:28 »
on a new installation of kde C-blues the startup sequence stops at "finished Update UTMP. On a Dell XPS 9560 with a nvidia gtx 1050. I tried to solve the problem by installing the Nvidia driver with limited succes. But when i open a second terminal and types startx the startup continues to the kde desktop

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Re: update UTMP
« Reply #1 on: 2021/05/11, 05:26:04 »
Sounds like an Nvidia problem to me. As I have no knowledge of Nvidia drivers, I can only ask you to google for 'finished Update UTMP'. Someone with knowledge of Nvidia will probably chime in here later, if the internet does not help.

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Re: update UTMP
« Reply #2 on: 2021/05/11, 10:08:40 »
This might help if you didn't already see it:  https://github.com/pythonInRelay/debian-10.4-dell-xps-9560
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