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Author Topic: [EN] Debian stable and siduction on the same computer and encrypted disks  (Read 2641 times)

Offline lanig

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I have been using Siduction on my laptop  for more than a year now and I am so satisfied with it that I want my destop use it too.
Noneless, in case something went wrong, I want to have also a Debian stable system on the same computer.
I tried to install first Stable and then siduction (each with its own /boot partition) without writing grub to the disk, booting  in stable to dectect Siduction and update grub but os-prober could not find Siduction.
Same problem with the other order of install.
I guess this is because in both cases my / fs is encrypted because I have done parallel installs without encrypted fs many times without any difficulty.

So how could I solve this problem ?