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Software - Support / Re: Network bridge
« Last post by dibl on Today at 18:56:20 »
i used this guide within the past year and it worked as expected:


Can you troubleshoot each step and learn where the failure occurs?
Software - Support / Network bridge
« Last post by kole on Today at 10:42:28 »
I have Siduction computer running from 2017, hardware is from 2011 prior to 2017 it was Aptosid. I didn't have much of issues with either. Now i have newer hardware and I would like to continue using Siduction but I am unable to configure bridge, whatever I do following instructions makes network stops working. What information I should supply in order to get some help?
Upgrade Warnings / Re: lxqt install -- hold off on full-upgrade
« Last post by dibl on Yesterday at 12:43:56 »
Looking into this situation, a transition to LXQt 2.0.1 is in progress, but packaging for Debian is not complete and some dependency issues still exist. For example:


and  https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/lxqt-panel

So ...  patience!
Art & Design / Re: Desktop-Foto
« Last post by unklarer on 2024/05/18, 12:05:09 »
Nach dk, sway und labwc habe ich mich an hyprland gewagt.

Ich habe auch dafür die nox (15-05-2024) als Grundlage genutzt. Installation, wie bei siduction gewohnt, ohne Probleme.
Vielen Dank an das Team!

Für die Installation und Einrichtung des fertigen Desktop von Hyprland habe ich dieses Script benutzt:

Per Terminal scheiterte der Download zunächst, weil 'eine Umleitung' auf githup nicht funktionierte.
Also, die zip-Datei in das vorbereitete VZ geladen und entpackt.
Logisch, dass es von Vorteil ist, das System (nox) auf dem neuesten Stand zu haben.
Ebenso ist es von Vorteil, wenn man der englischen Sprache nicht völlig mächtig ist, einen Übersetzer zur Hand zu haben.

Nach Wahl oder Abwahl des Fragenkatalog im Script, verlangt es 'sudo'. Ich hatte jedoch 'doas' eingerichtet...
Gestern Abend fand ich keine Lösung. Als alter Mensch muß ich da immer erst mal eine Nacht 'drüber schlafen.

Heute Morgen war ich wieder fit  ;)  und gab ihm versuchsweise
Code: [Select]
usermod -aG sudo BENUTZERNAMEschon vor der Aktualisierung des System mit dem neuen Kernel.  BINGO!

Nach Neustart machte das Script und war nach ~110 Minuten mit Hyperland, ohne Fehler, fertig (zum Schluß hatte ich auch die 103 Wallpaper mit ~670MB genommen).

So sieht es nach dem ersten Start aus.

Free Speech / Re: Hey My Fellow Sids!
« Last post by RunLevelZero on 2024/05/18, 00:06:45 »
Two quick things I realized. First I don't dist-upgrade like I said previously lol. I full-upgrade once a week. Also, and this got me when I first started using Siduction, before a full-upgrade, log out and drop to a tty and "init 3". I didn't do this and lost my DE. It may not be necessary every time but I do it to be safe. I would also RTFM. It'll benefit you later if you decide to keep Siduction.
Free Speech / Re: Hey My Fellow Sids!
« Last post by eriefisher on 2024/05/17, 20:30:36 »
I think you'll find Siduction rock solid. Sure there's an occasional hiccup but there never fatal if you pay attention. Be sure and watch the Upgrade Warning thread. If there is a problem you'll likely see there and likely a solution as well.

I've never tried a full on Arch install. I install Manjaro a while back and it was nothing but problems. Polkit would not start on boot so no root access. After spending the time to learn most of the package management system, getting update and set up to where I could actually use it I found it way too buggy and abandon it.
Free Speech / Re: Hey My Fellow Sids!
« Last post by RunLevelZero on 2024/05/17, 15:59:59 »
I distro hopped for years. I've used Linux since 1999. I used Slackware for years and then went to a LAN party and was shown the beauty of Debian. I hopped Debian distros for years and landed on Mint Debian edition for a while. I like latest and greatest and found siduction back in oh, 2017 I think. I haven't looked back and only installed a new distro on a ventoy USB stick to play with and then I'm back to my SID. Like the others have said, updates are a part of this, but then you get the latest and greatest, if you know how to manage your OS then you're golden, the community has been awesome for me and I always check the upgrade warning when there is a disturbance in the force. The latest was the 64 bit transition. Many dared to walk the path first and I am grateful. My system was at 900+ updates when I got ready to do the update. I did copy the to be removed and to be installed and checked every single one. It was tedious but I was confident in what was being removed and installed. Clicked the go button and had zero issues. Those who walked before me and provided info gave me the confidence. Not sure that helped AT ALL but just throwing in my vote to go for it. Run it on a system and force yourself to use that system for a few months. That should give you a good idea of life with Siduction. I dist-upgrade once week and during big transitions just apt upgrade until things settle, then dist-upgrade. That's the general rule besides check the upgrade warnings.

Yeah, when I was on arch, there's always something I was missing. Something that I never forgot from Squeeze days. apt. It's just drilled in my head. sudo apt _____

I'll try this out on my laptop, an old ThinkPad, before I dump Sparky.

Let us know how it goes.
Danke, mein Freund, genau das war es!    :)
Hatte ich noch nie.    ???

Thank you, my friend, that's exactly what it was.
Warte mal, bis dein Spiegelserver aktualisiert ist. Bei mir ist gerade alles wieder aktuell ohne dem Löschen von Paketen, auch udisks2.

Code: [Select]
doas apt dist-upgrade
Die folgenden Pakete wurden automatisch installiert und werden nicht mehr benötigt:
  exfatprogs              glib-networking-services  gvfs-common   libavahi-glib1     libblockdev-mdraid3  libblockdev-swap3   libbytesize-common  libgdata22         libgpgme11t64   libpam-gnome-keyring  libsoup-3.0-common  p11-kit
  glib-networking         gnome-keyring             gvfs-libs     libblockdev-fs3    libblockdev-nvme3    libblockdev-utils3  libbytesize1        libgoa-1.0-0b      libmsgraph-0-1  libsoup-2.4-1         libsoup2.4-common   p11-kit-modules
  glib-networking-common  gnome-keyring-pkcs11      libatasmart4  libblockdev-loop3  libblockdev-part3    libblockdev3        libgdata-common     libgoa-1.0-common  libnvme1t64     libsoup-3.0-0         libudisks2-0
Verwenden Sie »apt autoremove«, um sie zu entfernen.

  7zip                  gnupg-utils     gpg-wks-server  iproute2              libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common  libpam-systemd       libsystemd0     linux-libc-dev       python3-numpy              systemd-container  udev
  busybox               gpg             gpgconf         libcpupower1          libnss-myhostname        libpoppler-glib8t64  libudev1        openssh-client       python3-requests           systemd-coredump
  dirmngr               gpg-agent       gpgsm           libgdk-pixbuf-2.0-0   libnss-mymachines        libpoppler134        libyuv0         openssh-server       python3-typing-extensions  systemd-sysv
  gir1.2-gdkpixbuf-2.0  gpg-wks-client  gpgv            libgdk-pixbuf2.0-bin  libnss-systemd           libsystemd-shared    linux-cpupower  openssh-sftp-server  systemd                    systemd-timesyncd

  gnupg  gnupg2  gvfs  gvfs-backends  gvfs-daemons  libblockdev-crypto3  libvolume-key1  udisks2

  Upgrading: 41, Installing: 0, Removing: 8, Not Upgrading: 0
  Download size: 28,1 MB
  Freed space: 11,9 MB

Continue? [J/n] n

Mich stört, dass das Paket udisks2 ersatzlos entfernt werden soll. Deshalb habe ich erst einmal abgebrochen.
Ist Euch etwas bereits bekannt?
It bothers me that the udisks2 package is to be removed without replacement. That's why I canceled it for the time being.
Are you already aware of anything?

Code: [Select]
inxi -Sxxx
  Host: labwc Kernel: 6.8.9-1-siduction-amd64 arch: x86_64 bits: 64
    compiler: gcc v: 13.2.0 clocksource: tsc
  Desktop: LabWC v: N/A with: waybar tools: swayidle vt: 1 dm: N/A
    Distro: siduction 2023.1.1 giants - nox - (202401191535) base: Debian
    GNU/Linux trixie/sid
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