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Upgrade Warnings / Re: Warning: Removals in full-upgrade
« Last post by edlin on Yesterday at 21:11:05 »
Ich halte es auch noch für verfrüht, den neuen Solver in den Dauerbetrieb zu überführen. Ich kann nicht wirklich die Unterschiede zu apt upgrade und apt full-upgrade vollends nachvollziehen.
Allerdings gefällt mir der erkennbare Ansatz. Gerade Siduction könnte hier eines Tages profitieren. Wie oft hat sich doch mal ein weniger erfahrener Nutzer mehrere hundert Pakete „ungewollt“ beim full-upgrade entfernen lassen, nur um danach festzustellen, dass er damit sein KDE/Plasma ins Nirvana geschickt hat.

Upgrade Warnings / Re: Warning: Removals in full-upgrade
« Last post by harley-peter on Yesterday at 17:15:49 »
Ja, ich denke auch, dass es sinnvoller ist, das gute alte apt so zu nutzen wie bisher. Wäre der neue solver schon perfekt, dann wäre er sicher nicht nur optional. Ist aber allemal interessant den Unterschied zu sehen.
Upgrade Warnings / Re: Warning: Removals in full-upgrade
« Last post by hendrikL on Yesterday at 17:07:10 »
Was sagt Dir denn der gesunde Menschenverstand?

Die zu entfernenden Bibliotheken werden identisch sein, oder?

Lass den Solver mal außen vor, jener ist bislang nicht ganz ausgereift,  probiere mal ein "apt upgrade" zum Vergleich!
Upgrade Warnings / Re: Warning: Removals in full-upgrade
« Last post by harley-peter on Yesterday at 16:54:12 »
Und was benutzt man jetzt am besten? Mit solver 3.0 oder ohne? Die Unterschiede sind doch nicht ganz ohne:

Mit solver 3.0:
Upgrading: 134, Installing: 3, Removing: 0, Not Upgrading: 50

Ohne solver 3.0:
Upgrading: 199, Installing: 3, Removing: 0, Not Upgrading: 0
Upgrade Warnings / Re: lxqt install -- hold off on full-upgrade
« Last post by mdmarmer on Yesterday at 16:04:30 »
I did a full-upgrade of my lxqt install yesterday and all is ok.  Only libfm-qt13 was removed, and it is replaced by libfm-qt14

Ok, ich kann jetzt ein full-upgrade von lxqt durchführen.
ok to do full-upgrade of lxqt now.
Upgrade Warnings / Re: Warning: Removals in full-upgrade
« Last post by samoht on Yesterday at 14:53:40 »
Here this transition has come to an end.

Code: [Select]
# LANG=C apt update
Fetched 330 kB in 2s (140 kB/s)
All packages are up to date.

Code: [Select]
Free Speech / Re: Hey My Fellow Sids!
« Last post by eriefisher on Yesterday at 13:04:39 »
Two quick things I realized. First I don't dist-upgrade like I said previously lol. I full-upgrade once a week. Also, and this got me when I first started using Siduction, before a full-upgrade, log out and drop to a tty and "init 3". I didn't do this and lost my DE. It may not be necessary every time but I do it to be safe. I would also RTFM. It'll benefit you later if you decide to keep Siduction.
full-upgrade/dist-upgrade....Same thing, same effect.
Personally I haven't dropped out of X to upgrade in a long time.
Free Speech / Re: Hey My Fellow Sids!
« Last post by humon on Yesterday at 07:02:21 »
I am a newbie, more or less.  siduction is sweet.  I've been running computers since the '70's and linux systems since the days of Caldera.  I only got serious with linux in about 2004, though.

I love MX.  I run Manjaro, Mint, Raspberry whatever, LibreElec, OSMC and I've tried 50 to 100 others from Haiku to Tiny, Puppy to Knoppix.  The thing I've found with Manjaro is that you need to use the command line package manager to get it to work well.

But I really love siduction.  Updates are just part of life.  Better than the mystical windows voodoo.

I'm still trying to RTFM because on the last dist-upgrade I blew my desktop away so I now have to figure out how to repair that.  It's happened once before but was more critical so I had to do a full reinstall.

Reading these posts have given me several ideas on better ways of doing things.  Thanks to all you folks who have contributed to this thread.

Good luck.
Upgrade Warnings / Re: Warning: Removals in full-upgrade
« Last post by michaa7 on Yesterday at 01:03:34 »
Danke, im verlinken Artikel fand sich dann des Rätsels Lösung:

Um den neuen Solver zu benutzen, muss bei APT 2.9.3 derzeit noch die Option --solver 3.0 mit angegeben werden.

Und interessant wie der wie der arbeitet/interesting how the new solver works:

alter solver/old solver:
Code: [Select]
apt update && apt full-upgrade -d
  Upgrading: 126, Installing: 1, Removing: 6, Not Upgrading: 2                 
  Download size: 136 MB / 183 MB                                               
  Freed space: 116 MB

Neuer solver/new solver:
Code: [Select]
apt update && apt --solver 3.0 full-upgrade -d

  Upgrading: 55, Installing: 1, Removing: 0, Not Upgrading: 74
  Download size: 29,1 kB / 145 MB
  Space needed: 32,7 MB / 3.147 MB available
Software - Support / Changed behavior of middle-mouse click in Konsole
« Last post by effo on 2024/05/22, 23:04:06 »
Since a couple of weeks I believe the behavior of the middle-mouse button has changed in Konsole. My muscle memory tells me that we used to be able to select text with left button, the click middle button to copy-pase text. Currently, middle-mouse click has no effect, neither does right click. Has there been a change in behavior? Is there a possibility to change it back?
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