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Author Topic: [EN] Does Siduction Still Need Artwork?  (Read 6807 times)


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[EN] Does Siduction Still Need Artwork?
« on: 2015/05/09, 21:45:59 »
In reference to this thread, does Siduction still need artwork?  I know someone over in the CrunchBang forums who might want to help.

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Re: Does Siduction Still Need Artwork?
« Reply #1 on: 2015/05/10, 00:06:41 »
That would be great, have him/her post here on the forum or better yet on IRC.

Have him/her also read the link you posted in your thread so he/she knows what he/she is getting into.


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Re: Does Siduction Still Need Artwork?
« Reply #2 on: 2015/05/10, 22:19:06 »
Will do.  However, I've never used IRC.  Is there a particular area or will they know if they're IRC veterans?

20150510-01 edit:  I've PM'd the user with the links.
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