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Author Topic: [EN] Software in the Public Interest (SPI)  (Read 6908 times)


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[EN] Software in the Public Interest (SPI)
« on: 2015/05/09, 23:23:52 »
For the benefit of donors in the U.S., have you considered setting something up with Software in the Public Interest for donations to Siduction?  It would make it easier for those in the U.S. without a PayPal account to donate and allows such individuals to write off claim a deduction for the donation on their federal tax return.
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Re: Software in the Public Interest (SPI)
« Reply #1 on: 2015/05/10, 19:43:18 »
I had a setup with them for Sidux/Aptosid, but that did not help much, as they do not work with PayPal but some other entity that I forgot. If that would change, I am still a member of SPI as a person, not as a project though. Well, Aptosid still is, but I am not their liasion anymore.


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Re: Software in the Public Interest (SPI)
« Reply #2 on: 2015/05/10, 20:30:50 »
It says donations to SPI via PayPal are possible via Network for Good.  I clicked once on the Network for Good link on the SPI site and it appears to be just a couple of clicks to make the donation.

More about Network for Good.
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Re: Software in the Public Interest (SPI)
« Reply #3 on: 2015/05/10, 22:17:57 »
@devil:  Yes, I saw Aptosid under the project list.

@dibl:  Thanks for the info.  Okay, devil, ball's in your court.
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