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Author Topic: [EN] additional / alternative torrent tracker neccessary?  (Read 4982 times)

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[EN] additional / alternative torrent tracker neccessary?
« on: 2012/11/09, 19:35:53 »
As linuxtracker.org does not seem to be 100% reliable we should care to find an additional tracker, IMHO.

I'm not sure whether it's possible to use additionally  this tracker (chaos.computer.club)




Can't we have our own tracker?

...PeerTracker is a free (licensed as GPL) BitTorrent peer tracker software written in PHP that is designed to be fast and to have a low consumption of system resources...

...OpenTracker runs several times faster than older tracker implementations and requires less memory. (For example, it runs fine with the limited resources of many embedded systems.)...
Ok, you can't code, but you still might be able to write a bug report for Debian's sake