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Author Topic: [EN] Installing Xen from xen-linux-system virtual package  (Read 4268 times)


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[EN] Installing Xen from xen-linux-system virtual package
« on: 2013/08/19, 21:19:22 »
I'd like install Xen from the xen-linux-system virtual package as per the guide on the Debian wiki.  The only problem is that when you install this, it also wants to install the linux-image-3.10-2-amd64 kernel from upstream Debian sid which I don't actually need as my current kernel is 3.10-4.towo-siduction-amd64.  For those that aren't already aware, Xen support was mainlined some time ago so a custom kernel is no longer needed and the kernel from Siduction is already configured to support Xen.

Would it be possible to have updated Xen virtual and meta packages available in the Siduction repositories so that it doesn't pull in the kernel from upstream Debian?