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Author Topic: [EN] VMware vmnet issue on 3.6-3  (Read 4024 times)

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[EN] VMware vmnet issue on 3.6-3
« on: 2012/10/28, 13:51:43 »
Sometime in the past few days, a new issue has cropped up with VMware -- I'm not sure whether it was with the new kernel or after that, because the modules appeared to build with no errors when I first ran vmware on the latest kernel.  But as of yesterday, the vmnet and vmci modules are not loading correctly, and I have not yet found a fix -- I will post it if I can find it.

EDIT:  After booting older kernels and getting no improvement, I uninstalled VMware Player 5.0 and its configuration files, reinstalled it, and ran the patch script.  Now the modules are building correctly and loading correctly on 3.6-3.  I hate it when I don't know what happened ...    :evil:
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