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Author Topic:  update of libasound2 breaks sound on HDA-Intel  (Read 10523 times)

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Re: update of libasound2 breaks sound on HDA-Intel
« Reply #30 on: 2018/12/06, 12:40:26 »
I googled the error in post #26 above, which led me to this:


You might want to try the suggested workaround and see if it works or not on your hardware.

Here it is on Suse:


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Re: update of libasound2 breaks sound on HDA-Intel
« Reply #31 on: 2018/12/06, 21:41:53 »
@Xaver:  No, I haven't tried ALSA without pulseaudio.  I've always used both together without issue until recently.

@dibl:  Thank you for the reply, but I've found the issue.

Seems that either a setting in PNMixer was changed (not by me), or the previously selected sound card now doesn't work, but selecting default for the sound card under PNMixer preferences has resolved the issue.  Or was it the recent upgrade of libasound2 or a combination of both?   :P

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