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Author Topic: [EN] DU removes libreoffice, python3-* and sssd*  (Read 102 times)

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[EN] DU removes libreoffice, python3-* and sssd*
« on: Yesterday at 19:25:17 »
Totay is the second time for me to use the --solver 3.0 option during du or fu.

Code: [Select]
# apt full-upgrade

  libreoffice                         python3-sss     sssd            sssd-dbus         sssd-ldap
  libreoffice-script-provider-python  python3-talloc  sssd-ad         sssd-ipa          sssd-proxy
  python3-ldb                         python3-tdb     sssd-ad-common  sssd-krb5         sssd-tools
  python3-samba                       python3-uno     sssd-common     sssd-krb5-common

  Upgrading: 70, Installing: 7, Removing: 19, Not Upgrading: 0

# apt --solver 3.0 full-upgrade
Not upgrading:
  blueman  libpython3-dev  libpython3-stdlib  python3  python3-all  python3-dev  python3-minimal

  Upgrading: 63, Installing: 5, Removing: 0, Not Upgrading: 7
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