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Author Topic: [EN] About addpkg (What can we do using addpkg)  (Read 6139 times)

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[EN] About addpkg (What can we do using addpkg)
« on: 2014/10/13, 08:10:38 »

There is a new tool in siduction-scripts package called addpkg.
addpkg does :
1) Can install an oficial/unoficial $flavour siduction pkglist over  already installed siduction. It includes also unreleased or /in work flavours.
To see what flavours can be installed run addpkg without any paramether.
 If you will install an oficial siduction flavour over an oficial siduction flavour you will get a mixed Desktop Environment such as: KDE and XFCE and so on and at login you should be able to launch a KDE session or a XFCE one.
2) Can install a custom pkglist over already installed siduction.
Please see: http://forum.siduction.org/index.php?topic=5022.0
3) Can be used to try to fix a broken oficial siduction install after a dist-upgrade ( if you have removed by mistake some files and your's DE doesnt start). To do so you need to install same flavour over same flavour.
If you have a broken install KDE and all needed KDE packages are in debian/ siduction repos you may try to  use addpkg kde.

Please notice that addpkg doesn't need graphical.target (runlevel 5)  to work. It work even on regular tty console.
In fact it's recommended to run it from regular tty console.

Please note that addpkg  requires internet acces and installed siduction should be dist-upgrade first before using addpkg.
addpkg must be run as root user. Also if you want to test pautitblack ( siduction next flavours ) you must add to your's siduction-list next repo.

In both cases after packages have been installed it must be created a new user and to login as new created user to test.
This is required to propagate new user settings.
Old user settings are not touched.
If you like new user's settings and you want them also for old user you should do it by hand as follows:
a) save your's files/settings from old user home in another place
b) delete old user and remove also old user home
c) create a new user with same name as old user you have deleted
d) copy saved files and push some of old settings  in original places.

Using addpkg is experimental and you should use it only if you know what are you doing.
Since it's experimental you are on your's one and we can't offer oficial Siduction support for using addpkg.
Also siduction doesn't support mixed environments such as kde, xfce...
Tough if I will have time I will try to help about using addpkg  in Experimental section of siduction forums.

Thank you.

Angelescu Ovidiu (convbsd)
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