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Author Topic:  /home isnt mounted on boot  (Read 8265 times)


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/home isnt mounted on boot
« on: 2013/07/16, 23:39:51 »
it seems like the correct fstab is not generated during install when specifying an additional mountpoint for home.

at installation time:
  /dev/sda = liveusb
  /dev/sdb = primary hard disk {root, home}
  /dev/sdc = secondary hard disk {media}

  -mounted my previous home /dev/sdb2
   {to grab my wifi firmware for manual install}
  -selected /dev/sdb2 as /home
  -installed correctly

at boot time:
  /dev/sda = primary hard disk {root, home}
  /dev/sdb = secondary hard disk {media}

  -fstab mounts /dev/sda2 at /media/disk1part2 instead of /home

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RE: /home isnt mounted on boot
« Reply #1 on: 2013/07/17, 07:00:32 »
It seems the installer didn't save sda2 as /home during installation.  From what I can see, the installer sets up /media/diskXpartX when the partition isn't given a mount point.

If that's the case, then, /home was created in / (root), and, to fix this, you will have to change the entry in fstab (Since it already has a UUID, it simplifies things.), but, not before reading this manual entry:


Since sda2 is already mounted at /media/disk1part2, you can just copy your current /home in root to the new home on sda2 by doing:
Code: [Select]
cp -pr /home /media/disk1part2
Then, it would just be changing the mount point for sda2 in fstab, along with any options following the mount point.  On the one ext4 partition I have that has the /media/disk1part2 mount point, the options are different from my /, /home and /work partitions.

I'd also wait to see if other forum members confirm what I'm seeing, or, correct me for the assumptions I've made.

It's an easy fix if I read it right, so, let's see what others say.
Showing us what fstab looks like will help also.
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