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Author Topic:  Why are kdelibs built with udisks 1?  (Read 5351 times)


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Why are kdelibs built with udisks 1?
« on: 2014/01/25, 04:37:57 »
Even in debian sid libsolid4 is built with udisks 2 backend. Also, udisks 2 is default backend. Also, it works much better (for example, caches information about optical disks, instead of rescanning them frequently).

Are there any reasons to still use old udisks?

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Re: Why are kdelibs built with udisks 1?
« Reply #1 on: 2014/01/25, 17:59:59 »
Hi Sanya_M, after using udisks2 at the very beginning of KDE 4.11, some users reported errors and strange behaviour. So the maintainer, santa, switched back to udisks1 then and provided udisks2-builded kdelibs in the extra repo kdenext, see this post for it (and as entrypoint to that whole discussion in posts above and below it):  http://forum.siduction.org/index.php?topic=3859.msg32994#msg32994 
For the current state and further plans, hopefully santa or some dev will answer here  ;).
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